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I have been fortunate to have Larry Steinhouse as a guide and mentor in my journey to become a successful real estate investor. I met Larry in 2014 at a friend’s closing. He casually mentioned that he worked with investors and gave me his card. I called several months later.Larry is knowledgeable and gets genuine satisfaction from helping others attain the same success he has. He has spent countless hours brain-dumping on topics including but not limited to:

* Choosing a property
* Determining which repairs are necessary
* Selecting and managing contractors
* Attracting and managing tenants
* Creating a balanced portfolio of properties

When I decided I wanted to learn about foreclosure sales, Larry jumped in with enthusiasm and accompanied me to the local courthouse where we watched and learned. While there, he consulted with other professionals to determine the best way to mitigate risk when purchasing sight unseen. After I purchased my first property at an auction, he helped me budget for the biggest bang out of my rehab budget and then sold the house in a days at the highest possible price. Who could be happier?Larry is always immediately available by phone, by text or to meet.

I receive such thoughtful, individual attention that I feel as if I’m his only student, yet I know that he works as intensively with many others. He has celebrated my successes and helped me learn so much. I could never have achieved what I have without him. I unreservedly and whole heartedly recommend him, and if he takes you on you’ll be very fortunate, indeed.


Kathy F